What is the cheapest and healthiest meal delivery service?

Healthline's picks for the most affordable Dinnerly meal delivery services. BUY NOW AT Martha and Marley Spoon. There are also a few mid-range options to consider, such as HelloFresh and Home Chef. These may cost a few dollars more per serving, but allow for more customization and have more recipes to choose from.

Most of these meal delivery services also offer vegetarian or personalized options for those who don't eat meat. There are meal kits that fit a specialized diet, such as ketogenic, paleo, low calorie, or gluten-free. I tried the affordable Dinnerly meal kits and they were all easy to prepare, although, on average, they involved more work than the EveryPlate recipes. There were also some big mistakes among the successes.

But Dinnerly is a little more dynamic than its cheap counterpart and allows you to add protein packages from chicken breast, ground beef or shrimp to plan meals, along with a small snack and dessert market, which you can add at an additional cost. Recently, when I tried the HelloFresh meal kits, I prepared the meatloaf for the mother, the barramundi with corn hashish and potatoes and the pork chops with honey butter. See my full review of HelloFresh for everything you need to know about the meal delivery service. For a little cheaper than HelloFresh it's Home Chef.

I tried Home Chef a few months ago and loved the flexibility and customization that the meal kit subscription allows. For example, you can change the protein in almost any recipe or double the portion if you're expecting company or want leftovers for lunch during the week. Home Chef also has affordable oven-ready meal kits, which just need to be mounted on a tray and cooked, without the need to chop or prepare them. Some Home Chef recipes that I tried and liked were the moo shu pork tacos and the shrimp risotto with bruschetta, which had a lot of garlic, but was much easier to prepare than I expected.

Read my full review of Home Chef. If you don't want to cook at all, but want tasty meals at an affordable price, Freshly is what you need. Freshly delivers precooked meals (fresh, not frozen) to your door in a single order or subscription. While this affordable meal delivery service has plenty of healthy recipe options, Freshly is one of the best options if you want the occasional cheat meal or a portion of comfort food.

Penne a la Bolognese, pepper fillet with mashed potatoes and chicken casserole are just some of the most abundant options you can order at home and that's it. But there are also freshly prepared, healthier and lower calorie meals, to be honest. EveryPlate — Best Value Meal Kits Blue Apron — Affordable Gourmet Meals Dinner — Cheaper Meal Kit Delivery Service. Daily Harvest is a fully plant-based prepared meal delivery service.

The service started with mail-order smoothie kits and has now expanded to offer more than 100 chef-made meal and snack options, with new products being added regularly. Purple Carrot (full review here) is the original plant-based meal kit service and this healthy food delivery service has a loyal and growing customer base. If you're feeding a family of four, HelloFresh offers you some of the cheapest meal delivery kits, packed with creative dishes. I tried about nine of Mosaic Food's plant-based ready meal offerings and the ready-to-eat meal delivery service for vegetarians had an amazingly high success rate.

Ready and healthy meal delivery companies, such as Veestro, Freshly, Splendid Spoon and Trifecta, have taken things a step further by offering delicious, fully prepared healthy foods, including frozen (or sometimes partially frozen) meals, fresh salads, cereal bowls, products for the breakfast and more, weekly or monthly. If you order three healthy meals or meal kits at the beginning of each week, you're more likely to eat those meals and less likely to make a hasty decision to eat greasy food to go. If you're just looking for protein-rich meals in large portions, without a lot of fuss or flavors ready to use after your cross-training session, this is a great food delivery for athletes. I have personally tested every meal and meal service kit prepared on this list (and many more) for at least a week before making my recommendations.

Dinnerly and Everyplate are the cheapest weekly meal delivery options that offer three recipes for two servings each. Pete's convinced me into a one-week taste test, and it became one of the best organic and healthy meal delivery services I haven't tried yet. Meal delivery services have gained popularity during the pandemic, as more and more people are looking to avoid crowded grocery stores and try new recipes. Beyond vegetarian or low-carb options, there are meal delivery kits for ketogenic and paleo foods, organic or vegan diets, and low-calorie meal plans that help you lose weight.

Ordering healthy meals for delivery ahead of time helps prepare your week with nutritious, quality food, at least for some meals anyway. Cheap meal delivery services can offer the convenience of planning and preparing meals without compromising food quality. Whether you don't have the time or interest in doing it all yourself, cheap meal delivery services help you prepare dinner in an instant without breaking the bank. Unlike traditional meal kits, Hungryroot adapts food delivery with simple recipe suggestions that can be created from them.

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